Introduction: Courage - a Knex Ball Machine

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(sorry for the lack of pictures) :p

My best ball machine yet - Courage! Eston college puts on a youth conference every year and since I was/am a student there I decided to pitch in with one of my favourite hobbies, knex! As this machine was built to be on display, I was forced to troubleshoot everything until it worked (more or less) flawlessly. Something I am usually too lazy to do with my knex machines. As a result, this machine is not only my favourite machine in terms of aesthetics, it also functions the best! This machine had no errors after my final fix! (besides some balls getting stuck on the floor sometimes until another one would push it along)

I really did want to make instructions for this machine, as this was my first machine I thought would have been good enough for that. But unfortunately, I had to move out right away and my plans for having it transported fell through due to a big snow storm that blocked the roads. (Big snow storm in the beginning of May... thanks Canada!) Sadly, I had to spend the next whole day dismantling the machine as I no longer had enough room to bring it assembled.

I am, however, returning for a second year and am already working on another machine that will go in the same place! This machine will feature new elements as I will have more time to construct it and will include instructions!

As I just hinted at, I was under a bit of a time crunch (one month) to build this knex machine, so instead of taking the time to create my own elements/lifts, I used ones in the knex community that had already been perfected!

Industrial Helix Lift - Shadowman39:

Vertical Jigsaw Lift - Shadowman39:

Small Wheel Lift - Shadowman39:

Ball Machine Element #1 - Thibault Art:

There are a few other elements in this machine that I either do not know, or have forgotten the origin of. If you spot any that you know the origin of, feel free to let me know! :)

Step 1: Progression

As I have said before, I unfortunately was unable to make instructions for this machine. However, I do have progress pictures that could maybe be replicated with the idea that you are making a similar machine, not the same one. (Unless you're a legend) Also keep in mind that the last picture here is not actually the finished product. Besides some minor fixes, the back of the machine where the ferris wheel drops the ball does not have the floor I later implemented. The machine in its most complete state is seen in the vid. (Again, sorry for the lack of pictures)