Introduction: K'nex F.O.S.C.R

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Hi this is my first actual gun.
the name stands for:

this is a very good good and I had fun building it and hope you do too.
True trigger.
Ramrod NEVER comes out of barrel.
Accurate. (With yellow rods)
Good range. (with my rubber bands I got about 40-45ft)

No magazine.
Stock is too big.

Enough! Lets start building

Step 1: Stock

The other side is ecsacly the same. Also remember the blue rods.

Step 2: Firing Pin Holder.

This section ataces the stock to the main body. It also houses the firing pin. Be carefal because I show both sides of the housing. Ask for help if you need it.


Step 3: Handle

Pritty easy but only add rods where shown. Do NOT add them if the are not shown.

Step 4: Barrel

You shouldn't need help.
those blue connectors can be replaced by the tan connectors.

Step 5: Main Body

Be sure to read the image notes.

Picture 2-3: yes that is a broken yellow rod. I diddnt break this on purpose it was already broken from a previuos gun. If you dont want to break your connector you can use a orange connector.

Step 6: Trigger

This is simple. It is the trigger and trigger holder

Step 7: Foregrip

pritty simple. add a elastic band at the bottom.

Step 8: Firing Pin


Step 9: Stock to Holdor

Give a general description of the Stepthe connection points

Step 10: Barrel to Main Body

Simple but remember I show both side and make sure you have the barrel the right way round.

Read the image notes.

Step 11: Trigger & Foregrip

Please read the image notes.
Sorry for the blury picture.

Step 12: Trigger and Overall Connection

you shouldnt really have any problems..

Step 13: Adding the Ramrod

Step 14: Sights and What-not

You should know where to put the bands. I use 3 bands to get about 40ft.