Knex Flashlight With Motor

Introduction: Knex Flashlight With Motor

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Hey guys! This is probably the smallest knex thing I built. Its a flashlight that you can take on the go! Like when your camping and you see something in your way turn on the motor and hope it works! Its very small very easy to build! Hope you enjoy and please hold it like shown up here at the top of the page! Comment for questions like always!

Step 1: Pieces


Green: 1
Blue: 4
White: 1
Yellow: 5


Purple: 4
Orange: 3
White: 2
Grey 3D: 2
Blue 3D: 2


Silver spacers: 11
Blue spacers: 2
Large wheel: 1
Motor (specificaly your noisiest): 1
Lights: 1

Step 2: Motor Part

Step 3: Lights

I didn't have anything to hild it up FYI.

Step 4: Sensor

Step 5: Hook Up

Step 6: Bottom

Step 7: Finished!

Enjoy your own knex travel flashlight! Take it anywhere where it is dark! IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BATTERIES IN BOTH THE MOTOR AND THE LIGHT OTHERWISE IT WON'T WORK! Hope you liked it! Till ''knex'' time folks! :)

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