Introduction: K'nex Formula One Dune Buggy

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Hello again every one, it has been quite a while (350 days to be exact) since I last posted an actual instructable. I would like to thank you for showing interest in my work once more, if you have not heard of me before please check out my profile. Now about this intructable, I probably built this thing between seven and eight months ago loosely based on "Skreetsha" and his "The Sukito TS-1120 Dune Buggy", and although I never used the instructions he made, I had it in mind when I built my model and I felt it necessary to give him at least some credit. I just finished modding and changing it up about a month ago and was just waiting for the K'nex contest to start before I posted it, so please vote for this and one or more of my other entries. I was inspired by Formula One as well as Prototype One race cars when I was designing this car, but then I realized that almost everything is cooler with huge off road tires and insane suspension travel so I added those elements as well. Another subject of this vehicle is the very unique independent suspension, in that it uses only flexible K'nex rods for suspension, if you don't have the necessary pieces do not freak out you can just use rubber bands. This awesome car also has independent wheel wells, or wheel wells that travel up and down with the wheel, as far as I know this is the only car on the site with these features! Now if you don't mind, the stats (in my own opinion) 



~LOOKS - 4.5*

~SUSPENSION TRAVEL - 1 1/2" per wheel so - 3*

As of now I officially deem you ready to continue on and build the vehicle!  

Step 1: Rear Wing

This is the rear wing or aileron.

Step 2: Front Wing

Now you will make the front wing or aileron.

Step 3: Front Suspension

Now it's time for the front suspension, you may want to consider making it twice seeing as how the rear suspension is (almost) the same.

Step 4: Roll Cage

I thought now would be a good time for the roll cage after all the hard work. your fingers are probably getting sore about now so here's the easy step.

Step 5: Take a Quick Break

In a big project like this it can never hurt to take a short break. Go have a snack, play some video games, or do whatever you it is you want to do!

Step 6: Rear Suspension

After all of that it is now time for the rear suspension. If you have already built a double of the front suspension as I suggested get it out now and skip to picture number four. If not then get building.

Step 7: Central Chassis

This is where you will make the chassis and the cockpit area as well as the (fake) engine.

Step 8: Body Kit Things

These parts give the buggy it's signature look and a lower C.O.G.

Step 9: Reinforcements

These help to keep the buggy from flexing to bad and prevent the separation of any of the 3D connectors.

Step 10: Final Assembly

This is the last true step to completion, you are so close!

Step 11: Who Else Made It

If you make it please post a picture (if you have a camera) of your version, feel free to post mods with credit to me. Happy building, T_B_B
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