Introduction: 30's Ford Hot Rod Sketch

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I was bored in class a while back and began to work on the sketch that you see above. the drawing has been sitting in my room for quite some time now and I have finally decided to post up the pictures I took of the car. I understand that there are much better artists/works out there, I just decided to share my piece of the pie with the internet. I do have a few more drawings that I made a couple years back, they are, as expected, not as aesthetically pleasing. One is of a '63 Corvette that is heavily modified, the other is a cartoon drawing of a '65 GTO. I am willing to post them if anyone wants me to, I am also open to suggestions for a future car sketch(s). NO PROMISES, however I am considering something along the lines of a monthly sketch based on suggestions from you, the community on a first come first served basis.

Please Enjoy,