Introduction: Knex Gun

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Knex Gun.
Credit to IAC for his trigger system and TheDunkis for the mag idea.
The gun looks VERY ugly but shoots good. Good handle.

Step 1: Handle

Easy as getting a girlfriend.
1. Handle
2.- 3. Make
4. Put the white rods on
5. Put the other one on
6. Put the middle thing on
7. Get some wheels
8. Put them on and done.

Step 2: Body, Barrel, and Mag

All in one step.
1. The thing you're making
2. Make twice.
3. Make
4. Might want to do this first
5. Put the white rods on
6. Put the sliders on
7. Close it up and done

Step 3: Trigger System

Credit to IAC
1. Look and try to build. I will help you.
2. Make
3. Make
4. Make Just leave them until the next step.

Step 4: Putting It Together

Yay, almost done.
1.- 7. Put it on.
8. Ram, mag pusher
9. How to load.
10. Put the ram in
11. Put the mag pusher in.
12. Put rubber bands as shown and done!