Introduction: Knex Lock With Key

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this is a smaller model version of the knex lock with fully customizable key no protection for the springs nor can you store things in it


green rods-too many

Other pieces-also way to many

Step 1: Making the Frame

make one for now

Make 4

Add them

Make one of these

Slip it in place

Get 7 of these

Put them in the holes except the gray one

Add these

Add those (sorry didn’t notice that it was missing)

Add these

Step 2: Time for Keys

make pins opposite of key as shown

Step 3: Adding Pins


Step 4: Finishing Frame

The spacers are not optional they Are in pic 4, in pic 3 the top 2 rows won’t be used till next step

Step 5: Finish It Up

Make the second side, then add these it might need to be forced because it is the springs