Introduction: K'nex Mini Transformer Jet

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This is another of my mini transformers, with simple guides to build.
This is by far my best transformer yet.
Hope you enjoy.
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Piece count

green-  4
orange (brown in the picture)-  1
grey (purple in the picture)-  1
blue (a bit like the tanclip without the bar sticking out, although it can be changed for the tan clip)- 2

white-  4
blue-  2
green/black-  3

cog- 3
rounded wheel-  2
Y connector- 15 (sorry, but it's worth it)
ball joint- 5
ball socket- 2
hinges- 2
washers/spacers- 4
orange clip thingy (this represents the head, it can be changed, customised, or left off)- 1

I also added 2 pictures of my other transformer you can build, to find it simply type in
K'nex Mini Transformer Tank.
Or go to-

Step 1: Body

This is the bit where you build the body

1.Get these
2.Add the connectors
3. Add the bars and spacers
4.Another view
5.And another view
6.And another view, do you get it now!
7.Add the blue clips

That's the body done

Step 2: The Legs

This is the bit where you build the legs

1. Build these
2. Add the rounded wheels
3. Attatch to the body


Step 3: Arms/wing

This is the bit where you build the arms.

1. Make these
2. Add the Y connectors to the ball joint part.
3. Add green/black connectors to the socket point of the parts.
4. Make these
5. Add Y connectors
6. Add cogs
7. Hey, there's the body again
8. Add the arms
9. Now add the wing part

Step 4: Head

This is the bit where you build the Head

1. Get this.
2. Add the rod.
3. Now the connector (you can change this if you don't have the part).
4. Here's the body again.
5. Add the Head.


Step 5: Jet/shield and Sword (WEAPONS)

Here's the bit where we build the weapons.

1. Get these
2. Attatch the Y connector and ball joint
3. Here's the back of the body
4. Attatch the thing it shows you to
5. Attatch the cog
6. Hey here it is again
7. Add the connector ( the sword)



Now im going to show you how to transform it.

1. Here's it as a jet.
2. Fold out the legs
3. Seperate the arms from the wings, then fold the arms forward (like in the picture).
4. fold the wings back and turn the connector (like in the picture). 
5. sorry for this picture, the shield and sword are taken off
6. Fold down the wings (like in the picture).
7. Fold the wings in (like in the picture).
8. The Y connector should clip onto the white bar at  a slight angle (like in the picture),
now it is secure, until pulled away
9. This is it turned around
10. Now attatch the shield and sword
11. Enjoy, you are done.

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