K'nex Paper Wad Launcher

Introduction: K'nex Paper Wad Launcher

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Easy to build paper wad launcher using both larger and smaller common K'nex parts. Hope you build it and have fun with it.

Step 1: Parts You Will Need for This Build

Step 2: Build the Base (part 1)

Step 3: Build the Base (part 2)

Step 4: Build Rotor Assembly (part 1)

Step 5: Build Rotor Assembly (part 2)

Step 6: Attach Rotor Assembly to Base

Step 7: Build Mount for Launch Arm

Step 8: Install Launch Arm Mount Onto Base

Step 9: Build Launch Arm

Step 10: Install Launch Arm by Attaching to Launch Arm Mount

Step 11: Completed Project... Power on and Launch a Paper Wad!

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