Introduction: Knex RPK-74M

About: Until i get more knex pieces (which i will not purchase), i am done knexing. I have been impressed by the creativity of the knexers on instructables more times than i can count...and now i say good bye and goo…
Now thats more like it =p...i felt like making a good old "tube gun", and the first one i remembered seeing was The Dunkis' AK-47 and AK-74...well i think people are too obsessed with the AK-47/74 so i took a different route and ended up with the RPK (favorite LMG in COD BO1)...and i think i did pretty (beaver) dam good =p...pros and cons time?...i think so

Looks Great (IMO)
My 1st or 2nd best knex gun made
Realistic (IMO) iron sights
My 1st or 2nd BEST stock for a knex gun
10+ round mag
almost life sized (real is roughly 40", mine is roughly 44")
great range (i got 40-45 ft, but more bands would get more distance)

kind of piece consuming
bipod is unusable with mag loaded
not semi/full atuto
front sight SOMETIMES gets in the way of shot
no drum mag =(
nothing too special

Shoots blue rods
Credit to The Dunkis (hyperlink above) and Selezonia for mag
Credit to SLDxRaPiiDZz for bipod
Front 3 white rods look better if replaced by blue with 4 gray gear things (IMO) (3rd pic)
Last pic is my new you guys like it or no?
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