Introduction: My Knex Peacekeeper V1

About: Until i get more knex pieces (which i will not purchase), i am done knexing. I have been impressed by the creativity of the knexers on instructables more times than i can count...and now i say good bye and goo…

well i figured id get one last ible into the contest..n here it is...the Peacekeeper from Black Ops 2...this was a really fun build and i really dont know why...i built it in probably 2.5 hrs too...well shall we go over some pros and cons? i think so too ;)

quick build
looks good (IMO)
shoots blue rods
perfect size for SMG
fun to shoot
45+ ft range

some details are a little off
kind of a same old same old gun
not the best stock...but it still has one =p

Step 1: V2

Step 2: V3

Step 3: V4

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