Introduction: K'nex Ball Machine the Element New Elements

Hi! Today you are going to see the new elements for our ball machine The Element. Here are a few specifications regarding the approximate size and number of pieces, etc...


Tower 1:

width: 4ft.

height: 5ft.

length: 3ft.

Tower 2:

width: 1/2ft.

height: 6ft.

length: 2ft.

Pieces: 9,602

Building time: 1.5 months (during the summer so no school at the time)

This was our 2nd official machine (there were others, but they were really bad).

Step 1: The Video

Step 2: Corn Cob or Banana Boat

get these parts:

2 large wheels

12 yellow rods

2 dark grey connectors

1 silver spacer or three blue

1 blue spacer

3 small clips (tan or blue)

Step 3: New Flipper

14 blue rods

2 white connectors

2 dark grey connectors

2 white rods

2 orange connectors

6 red connectors

1 blue spacer

4 'y' connectors

Step 4: New Clacker

3 small tires

2 tan connectors

3 orange connectors

2 blue clips

3 blue rods

1 dark grey connector

2 yellow rods

Step 5: New Single Ball Dropper

Here's how this element works: One ball is stuck on the tire and another one comes and pushes the tire out of the way and lets the first ball through, only to get stuck itslelf.


16 purple connectors

1 big tire

1 small tire

2 green connectors

12 green rods

1 dark grey connector

1 orange connector

4 white connectors

10 blue rods

1 'y' connector

Step 6: Ferris Wheel

This ferris wheel has a pleasing spiral look and it spins for a pretty long time!

ok you will need:

16 green connectors

2 white connectors

16 white rods

24 blue rods

You will need to enlarge the images to see the notes by the way.

Step 7: Spine Track

This element is a little like the Metropolis element "rattling stairs" in that it makes noise, but different in that it uses totally different pieces. Instructions coming soon (hopefully!)

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