Introduction: K'nex Bulldozer With Mods and Instructions.

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Hi i made this k'nex bulldozer , which has steering and a digging scoop. It also has some stairs located at the rear of the vehicle. The rear steering is a great idea because it helps the bulldozer handle better than a car around corners. It has one seat at the cabin and a steering wheel that controls the rear steering. The scoop and the front of the machine also has steering but instead of being controlled by the same steering wheel as the rear, it automatically is steered by a mechanism under the vehicle which turns the opposite direction causing it to be able to turn around tighter corners. The vehicle has an adjustable scoop which can be lifted and lowered depending of its mission. Many other things are good about this specific bulldozer are its capability of removing the scoop and its magnificent looks. As this machine uses over 900 k'nex parts, it it's weight is just over 4 kilograms. Its whole length is 65.5 cm  /25.10 inches / 2 feet. Its height is 26.6 cm / 10 inches. 

Work which I have added to millju's design.

I have not used the string used on the scoop which makes this vehicle 100% made out of k'nex! I have also strengthened the scoop as well as making it higher so It does not scuff the floor , whilst moving. Also has added detail such as the aerial and other small parts. Overall ,the main bodywork and structure was designed by Millju but the only structural work which I have changed is the cabin finish. Here i have added a windshield  space which the previous model did not have. I have also added a trunk space which is big enough to fit a se
Millju's instructions.

If you need instructions, the link for them is here and I would recommend checking them out if you have a few hours spare. You need approximately 900-1000 k'nex pieces spare.

Thanks for viewing and good luck if you decide to make the bulldozer.

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