K'nex Car (mini) Instructions!

Introduction: K'nex Car (mini) Instructions!

About: Hello I am Devin, A.K.A Jingo69. I am a student, lover of cars, K'nex/Lego, and art. I mostly post K'nex car creations but plan to post other ideas in future too! …

This is my knex mini! these are the instructions for it! (before you rate, please read everthing written and make the car as I dont have a way to show you properly how the system works)  it is a great little derby car as it is REALY strong. It has a realy clever system which helps the front and back bumpers to obsorb  impacts and the rubber bands makes the bumpers spring back. Aswell as that it does look quite alot like a mini. And sorry if there are any spelling mistakes (im only 12 years old ) the steps to make it are on the next page
here is more information about it...

pro's     20!!!

            very safe for passangers, it has seatbelts and new mod that will have the websites first air bags on a knex car
            highly moddable!
            optional extras  like 4 seats and a small spoiler                                                                                                                                
            takes 497 knex peices + 6 rubber bands
            very crash resistant                                                 
            looks like a mini                                                
            has an interior with dials                                                                                                                                                                
            has a modifyed mini v6 engine              
            boot with lots of space
            moving seats
            escape roof
            original white mini roof
            with a matching white floor
            opening doors (you HAVE TO )open it with handle
            suspension that can be moterized (in real life it is front wheel drive)
            the seats can be lowered or raised

cons 2

            4 seat mod will take up boot space
            the back end shape is not perfect

news 2

            The new suspension is much better (its from my jelly suspension mustang)
                        it has a clever new system made to obsorb impacts!!!                                                                        

                                          the stats (out of 5)
features                    *****                    5
the looks                  ****                     4
durability                  ****                     4

Step 1: Gather the K'nex!

This car takes 497 knex peices altogether and 6 medium rubber bands.

Step 2: Making the Front End

pictures: 1-4 please make, 2 and 3 are two pictures of the same thing
                 5-7 showing how to attach everything so far
                  8 making the suspension and system
                  9 how to attach it
          10-13 making the dials and dash board
          14-16 connecting the dash board together

Step 3: Most of the Middle, and Interior

this might be the MOST confusing step so let me know where I need more pictures! pay attension to all detail!

pictures: 1 and 2 please make
                 3-6 showing where to connect
                 7 showing how to make seats after you have done this put it to a side for now.
            8-11 pay attension from here onwards on this step! (these are some angles of what you need to build)
          12-21 tricky but its the best I can do to show how to connect everthing    

Step 4: The Back End

yaaay! that difficult step is done! its a bit easier from now...

pictures: 1 and 2 is showing how to make roof both pictures are of the same part
                 3 making the back suspension
                 4 and 5 showing where to connect it
                 6-8making the rest of the back

Step 5: Well Done You Have Finished!!!

Wow that took long but it was worth it!

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    Question 1 year ago

    Is there a way to make it without bend Knex pieces and it looks pretty nice

    knex dude 2000

    hi cool car infact my dad builds ministox but back to your car. great design features , sharp design and well .... umm GREAT . BUT................. can you make clearer instructions for it please...? its too good to not build.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    K thanks :) :) :) um I may rebuild the newest one not this (that one was a lot better and stronger.) These instructions were made quite a while ago and I obviously know better now, so I will consider re-doing them if I get time, okay :)


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Erm.. I dont think its hard to make but tell me if you need any more pictures and I will put more up!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    anyone who makes this please tell me what you think and how I can improve the car and instructable


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    this car now has some mini cooper mods and will probably have the first knex
    design for air bags! this mod includes vents a spoiler and other strengthening