Introduction: K'nex Slide Actoin Pistol

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This is a a slide action pistol I made based on a cool slide a saw on knexguntutorials you tube channel and website: Unfortunately after following his instructions I was unable to make it work so I modified the slide until it worked and while I was at it I decided to change the handle and trigger. Keep in mind the barrel and most of the slide are knexguntutorials's idea I just wanted to post instructions on my modified version. I also wanted to spread the word about the slide because its the most comfortable slide I've seen on a K'nex gun yet! If someone takes this slide and puts a mag under it we could have the best K'nex gun ever! Hope you guys enjoy the gun.

Step 1: The Handle

The handle is pretty comfortable but there is defiantly room for improvement. There are only two attachment points making it somewhat flimsy but its never caused a problem. All in all it's not bad. Follow the pics and notes!

Step 2: The Trigger

Simple but effective. I never found a way to use a rubber band to get it to automatically move into place when the slide is pushed back but I have had no problem manually pushing into place. Other than that it works great, not to heavy but not to light.

Step 3: The Barrel

This is the original barrel design from knexguntutorials site. I works pretty effectively. kinda complex but just follow the pictures.

Step 4: The Slide

As I mentioned before this is the best slide I have ever built it's extremely comfortable and never sticks. Although it gets slightly complicated follow the instructions and you should be able to build it. Sorry for this being such a long step.

Step 5: Building the Gun, Rubberbands, How to Load and Fire

You've made it! The final step. Follow the pictures complete the gun and then see what you can do to make it better if you modify the gun or put this slide on a different gun please post it in the comments below. I would love to see what you did and I might post it at the bottom of the page so others can see what you've done too!

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