Introduction: Knex Battle Rifle (Model)

This is my Knex Battle Rifle from Halo 3. It's my first instructable so I hope you like it. I took it apart some time ago, but I still had the pictures, so i don't have all the details. It has a removable clip.


Oh ya, if anybody wants my GT for xbox Live, its Th3 3xperim3nt.

Step 1: The Front

This is the front of the gun. I think you can understand it. Almost all of it is 3 pieces connected with a white connecter. the part that juts out is 5 pieces connected with a blue connector. The "barrel" is sort of confusing, but I think you can get it.

Step 2: The Back

This part is probably the most difficult to piece together. I will start at the handle. This point to the highest green connector to the farthest yellow connector is the same as the front, 3 of them connected with a white. There are only 1 thing on either side around the clip.Then for the blue rod with 5 pieces, there are only 2 on the outside with a purple connector in the middle. Go to pic. 2 to see wow that was a lot of toos how the clip is assembled. The white rod with the uh... gray single connectors... is so the clip doesn't move a lot.

#1-stock with clip.
#2-stock without clip.

Step 3: The Middle and Scope

This is simple, except for the scope. its the same deal. Just a few parts. You don't have to use that scope, i wouldn't, you can just make your own or mod another 1.

Step 4: I Hope You Liked

here are a few pics of what my finished result was. Just comment on anything you didn't get.