Introduction: Knife Knob Handle

This Is a knife handle specially made for our client Gil Meltzer In a recent Fixperts project. The handle creates a vertical grip for those who cannot use a knife. The handle fits a variety of knifes.

Step 1: Find the Right Handle for You

Use either a pipe or wooden handle. Use the right size for the hand of the user.

after finding the right handle. Drill a hole down the middle. Use a screw pipe (fitting the hole previously drilled) and insert it into the pipe.

Step 2: Making the Knife Chamber

Use a Led pipe just slightly bigger than the widest knife you will use.

leave a vertical tube with an opening for the screw pipe from above.

add a cap to the top of the screw.

Step 3: Add Friction Rubber

Use a peice of shrink rubber on the joint between the handle and knife chamber. add a small knob of silicone/rubber/soft material to create small soft spot between the screw and the top of the knife.