Introduction: Knife Making-Tanto Knife

for a best video suport go watch my video on youtube!

Step 1: Shape

first you need to draw and cut the shape of the knife

Step 2: Finish the Profile of the Knife

finish the profile of the knife with a grinder to make everything clean

Step 3: Bevel

grind the bevel with a sanding belt machine

Step 4: Pre-sanding

make the blade nice and clean before the eat treat

Step 5: Hole

drill holl in the blade for the handle

Step 6: Heat Treat

heat the blade until it's non magnetic and then get it in oil for about 15 seconde. After put the blade in the oven to temperate it

Step 7: Final Sanding\polish

Final sanding with different grid sand paper.

Step 8: Handle

draw and cut the shape of the handle and then drill hole the same place as on the blade.

Step 9: Glue

glue everything in place with epoxy and pin

Step 10: Final Shaping

shape the handle until you like the shape of it

Step 11: Last Step

sharpen the blade and oil the handle

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