Introduction: Tanto Fighting Knife Tutorial

This instructable show how to make a fighting tanto knife. For a better visual support go watch my video on youtube, subscribe like and leave a comment! :)

Step 1: Blade

first you need to draw your blade and cut it in carbon steel.

after you grind it and make everything smooth.

when it's done you make your bevel using a sanding machine or a grinder.

after you clean the blade with sand paper and drill a hole at the end of the handle before the heat treat.

Step 2: Heat Treat

you need to heat the blade and then with a round head hamer make little hole on the blade if you want to make it look better.

After you eat it until it's no more magnetic and get it into oil.

after this you need to put the knife in the oven at 450 for 4 hour.

Step 3: Cord Wrapped Handle

to wrappe your handle you can do it the way you want to see how i did it go watch my video subscribe and leave a like!! :)