Introduction: Knight Rider Circuit 2

This is my first. time to publish on instructable, this is a very easy Arduino project. You just some simple, basic material to build this project. The idea of this project is inspired by This a project that the light will shine fast and the thing that I change is the timer

Step 1: Material

9 red LED

A 220 Ohm Resistor.

Mini Bread board.


Arduino Uno with the cable.

A box(for decorate)

Step 2: Connected With Your Board

Follow the picture above and make sure that there's nothing wrong, then it might work. first, connect with your broad.

Step 3: Put LED on the Broad

Make sure that it's placed in the right place. Remember that the long side of LED should be put near the line.

Step 4: Code

The code click into it you will find out. The thing that's different is that I change the time of the code, which makes it move faster.

Step 5: Decoration

Cover it with the box, and poke holes, so we can see the LED. Then we are done.