Introduction: Colorful Lamp (changing Color)

This project is about doing a changeable lamp. So you can switch two different color dor the lamp. You can also both open then it will become a different color. This project is kind of simple, you need two bottom and six light. You can do more if you want to. You can switch different colors by pressing the button. There's one for green another is for red. You can also change the light to the color you want. After making this you can do some DIY to form a cover on the light. So it will make the lamp more beautiful and attractive. Also, people will feel well while they are sleeping. because of the changeable color I cold this project Colorful light. In the future, when you try this project you can decide to do more color and more buttons it's very easy just have to copy the form. You might get how to do this.

Step 1: Material

2 blue Electrical resistance (shown on the picture, 10k Ohms 1%)

7 yellow electrical resistance (41 Ohms 1% shown on the picture)

40 connecting lines (any color, recommend to use the same color for one item)

2 push button

7 LED Light (3:4, color)

1 Uno Arduino ( other will also be fine)

Step 2: First Step: Focusing on the Bottom

First, you need to have two bottom and 6 connecting lines or even 10 ( you might not be able to put the electrical resistance(resistor) to the negative, so need a line to help you. From the picture, we can know that the electrical is the yellow one but it supposes to be blue. The reason is that Tinkercad doesn't have the blue one so we first use the yellow one to replace it. First, you need to connect the first line, from positive to power 5V, and another line should be placed from negative to GND. Next step, you first plug the line from the positive to the spot that doesn't have either negative or positive. And next line you have to put it above and right next to the one that you just put and the other side of line connect it to the power, then put the resistor right beside the first line for this step, and the other side of resistor plugged into the negative side. the last thing you have to do is to put the line of the button one underneath the first line and the resistor you have to put it without any space. After finish, the first one repeats the second step for the next bottom. And if you wanted to do more color you can repeat many times.

Step 3: Second Step: You Will Be Focusing on LED LIGHT

It's quite simple for this project. For every light, you just need to repeat the step again, and again for this step you need about 30lines and seven LED light. First, you need a line that goes broad and connect with the power, and then the other side plugged in the place that has no negative or positive. then you need two lines and one side of the light need to connect the LED light the long side need to be the same side as the normal line, and the next line must connect with the resistor. This is the next step, you need to put the resistor beside the first line but remember to save space like about 2-3. then you need another line to connect the resistor to negative Repeat it for seven-time. Also for this step, you can do as many you want but remember the form need to change. For this time the resistor color will be the same as the picture.

Step 4: Step 3: You Will Be Focusing on Write the Program

You just have to copy-paste the program and then you will finish the main part of the project. You can repeat some of the parts if you need to add anything in or even delete some of it. You can do more bottom than you can add something on pin mode. It's quite simple, also remember to add the step on loop too, to make sure the light can accept the message.

click the link, it will take you to the code

Step 5: Step 4: It's the Time for DIY

first, you need a block and you can add it with some color or even stick it with the paper than make some holes that allow the button and the light to get through it. Before you plug the light you have to make sure that the space that your cover of light so you won't pock it too small or even too big. For this time I'm doing DIY name papercraft so when the light opens the shape on the paper will be shine on the wall. If you are not confident of doing DIY, you can put a very thin paper and cover it. make it circle will fine.

Step 6: The Last Step: Finish Your Lamp

Put the broad in the box also plug the light into to box and put the decoration on the top.