Introduction: Knit Night Light

-traditional plug in night lights stay on all night long

-light switches are too high for kids to reach

-electrical outlets and regular light bulbs aren’t kid friendly


-give kids the choice to turn the light on when they need it!

-no plugs needed, off the grid!

-incorporating LED’s and textured yarn makes it kid friendly and fun!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials


black mohair yarn

size US 2.5 knitting needles

plastic canvas

reflective fabric

white LED’s

conductive thread

coincell battery


needle + thread

Step 2: Set Up

The basic circuit we are making is a switch using velcro, connected to white LED's, powered by a coin cell battery in a holder.

Step 3: Knit the Triangles

With black mohair yarn and size US 2.5 knitting needles,
CO 20 sts

*knit 1 row k1, k2tog, knit to 3 sts before the end, k2tog, k1 knit 1 row knit 1 row*

Repeat these 4 rows unitl 4 stitches remain k2tog, k2tog bind off 2 sts

Make 6 triangles
Use ends to attach triangles together in a row

Step 4: Cut It Out

Cut 8 triangles in the same shape from the plastic canvas
Cut 1 hexagon from the reflective fabric, in the shape of the joined triangles + 1/8” salvage and slit

Step 5: Prep LED's

Using pliers, bend the leads on the LED's to make them easier to sew onto the plastic canvas

Step 6: Plan It Out!

Step 7: Prepare the Switch

Sew the fabric and velcro down to the 2 end triangles

Step 8: Needle and Thread

Time to stitch the LED's to the plastic canvas using the conductive thread. Make sure to make good contact with each LED and ensure they are facing the same direction

Step 9: Add Power and the Switch

Attach the ends of the conductive thread to the battery holder and add the battery. Then attach that same end to one side of the switch aka the velcro and the other end of the circuit to the other piece of velcro. Be sure to make lots of stitches into the velcro to increase contact!

Step 10: Get It Together!

Once you're sure the components are all working (that velcro switch can be a little fussy!) sew together the layers of knit and fabric with the plastic canvas in between

Step 11: Show It Off!

Turn off the lights, and if you swear you can hear footsteps or a monster breathing under your bed, grab your light and stick that velcro together to create light! Sleep tight