Introduction: Knit a Dishcloth From Old Clothes

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Don't throw away your old, stained, or worn t-shirts! Make something out of them. This instructable shows you how to knit a dishcloth using an old t-shirt or baby clothes. It's basically turning rags into better rags.

Step 1: Materials List

old t-shirt (or other discarded knit garment)
scissors or rotary cutter
knitting needles (size 11 - 14 should work just fine)

Step 2: Cut Your Clothes

1 - lay out the garment

2 - cut off the seams (side, neckline, shoulder seams, and bottom seams)

Step 3: Separate Your Fabric

Separate the two pieces of fabric. Lay a single layer of fabric down.

Cut thin strips (1/2 inch - 1 inch wide) in a spiral shape. You really don't have to be perfect with this. If you get a sharp turn so it's more of a "corner", don't worry! If you cut too wide, don't worry! If you cut too thin and the fabric rips in two pieces, don't worry! Just tie it back together and move on.

When you have finished cutting the first piece of fabric, set it aside and cut the second.

Step 4: Roll a Ball of Yarn

You should now have two long, thin strips of fabric. Tie them together.

Wind them into a ball.

Step 5: Knit Your Dishcloth

Cast on 10 stitches (or however many seems wide enough to you).

Knit in garter stitch (knitting every row) until dishcloth is desired length.

Cast off.

Don't know how to do those things? Click here

Step 6: Finish It

All you have left to do is tie the ends and trim up any long pieces of yarn.

Go do some dishes!