Introduction: Knitted Pac Man Ghost Beanie

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You can make this hat many colors
If you do not want pac man ghost you can simply skip the steps for the eyes and ribbed effect

Step 1: Materials


Knitting Needles

Crochet hook

White yarn


Hot glue

Step 2: Making the Beanie

Start a loop on the needle and cast on about 30-40 stitches depending on the size of the head
Start knitting until it is about 10-20 inches long
For me this took about 2 days
Start ending the stitches by knitting two stitches and get the last stitch and place it over
If my instructions on how to end stitches does not make sense, you can see videos on YouTube
Take a needle and place the same colored yarn and place through the loop
Take your needle and start gathering up the long side of the knitted rectangle
Make sure on both sides of the rectangle edge have two pieces of yarn from where you sewed and gathered
Bring both pieces of string together and tie two knots
Cut excess string
Get the needle again and cut a large length of yarn
Tie at the end and place other end in loop of needle
Start sewing in an over stitch along both sides of the knitted piece and tie when done
Flip inside out

Step 3: Making the Eyes

Start with a loop and crochet a circle
Finish that off and crochet another circle
Start a loop and crochet another circle with the white yarn
Finish that off and crochet a smaller circle with the same colored yarn as the hat
Finish and start another one
Glue the small circle to the white circle at the bottom and do the same with the other one
Glue the eyes to the hat

Step 4: Making the Ghost

Without the robbed effect, it just looks like a pair of googly eyes
So what I did was I used the same colored yarn and bunched up a little piece of the bottom of the hat and sewed it together
I did this only to the front, but you can make it all around
The rim of the hat will get smaller as you do this

Step 5: Results

You can make the pac man ghost can be any color
At first I was going to make a monster beanie, with eyes and a mouth
But then remembered my crocheting skills aren't the best for making a mouth
I hope you enjoyed this theme and the making of the pac man ghost beanie

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