Introduction: Knitting a Toy Bear From Patons Pattern Book 743

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Starting with the legs, CO 10 sts, row 1 inc in each st across for 20 sts. K/P rows for 20 rows. K across right then left leg to start body (leave tail from left leg for sewing). K 20 rows for main body, then dec to shape shoulders (k 7, k2tog4x, k14, k2tog4x, k7). K/P 2 rows and do shape row again (with fewer stitches, but same even spacing). For neck, k2tog across row. Will increase to form head.

Step 1:

Work on the body in knit and purl for 19 rows.

Step 2:

Starting at neck, K1, inc in next st, across. K/P for 9 rows and then start to dec evenly for top part of head. Use the k #, k2tog 4x, k # in middle (double # on ends), k2tog 4x, k #. (where # is 7, 14, 7; 5, 10, 5; etc. as fits # of stitches on needles)

Step 3:

End up with 7 sts left on needle at top of head. Cut a tail of yarn twice the length of the body (to give enough to stitch seam with), thread a yarn needle and pull through the 7 sts to end the head.

Step 4:

Arms are like legs, except worked from large end to small end. Start with 20 sts and work 16 rows, then on knit row dec every other stitch, p next row, dec by k2tog. Thread yarn needle and pull through remaining sts to end arm. Stitch to body.
Ears are 8 sts, dec every knit row (work even on purl rows), until 4 sts, then inc every k row (work even on p rows).
Muzzle is CO 5 sts, inc every stitch on knit row (work even on purl row) for 2 times [5, 10, 20], then next k row inc every other st, then bind off. Sew center seam to make a circle. Sew to center of head after embroidering nose and mouth. Stuff to fill out shape.
Embroider eyes AFTER the muzzle is sewn on. Sew on ears.

Step 5:

General idea of where to place and sew parts on body. Embroidery on this one was not done yet.

Step 6:

Finished bear with all parts stuffed and stitched on, embroidery of face finished. All seams sewn.

Step 7:

Back of bears showing back seam. Leg seam is in the middle (between the legs). Black and white bear shows how variegation changes between front and back when knitting flat.

Step 8:

Front sides of bears in previous step. (This blue bear is not the same one as the first steps, but used the same yarn color.)
All done!