Introduction: Knives Holder Block

A project I wanted to do for a very long time.

Step 1: Materials

I used few boards of hard red wood I picked from deck construction site size 13x2 cm. and some 13x4 cm width pieces of the same kind of wood. (scrap pieces they gave me)

And one meter of flat iron bar 2 mm thick I bought in a Brico shop.

Step 2: Making the Different Part

I cut 5 pieces of 32 cm from the 13x2 cm board and glued 4 of them together.

After the glue was dry, I used my table saw (Home made by the way) to cut 4 cuts in two different depths. 2 cuts in 6 cm depth and 2 cuts in 4 cm depth.

I did the same with the 13x4 cm piece, after cutting it to the length of 15 cm, but here I made 5 cuts, all 3 cm deep, so that in this design they will not align with the cuts in the taller block.

I took the 5th 13x2 piece and glued a 3 mm flat piece of wood to create a spacer and then glued that 5th board to the other 4 glued pieces, creating one big block of 32x13x10 cm.

I then made a 14 mm hole in the centre of the block just above the two 4 mm deep cuts.

I then glued the 15x13x4 cm piece to the tall 32x13x10 piece.

Then I cut the two blocks at the bottom with a 30 degrees angle.

Then I added a third piece to support the entire block because it is heavy and it fell over. Just used glue to attach it. I tried to keep the front panel of the third piece vertical. Its nicer like that.

Then I folded two pieces of the iron bar and screw them to the sides. (Sorry, I don't have the images for that process). I used my metal vise and my mallet to bend the metal piece in 90 degrees without leaving marks on it.

They are actually holding the knives from falling out and adding a sophisticated look.

I also screwed underneath 4 rubber bases for the block to be stable and to provide a space from the surface.

I then used oil to protect the block.