Introduction: Koulibiac Salmon

With coulibiac there are many recipes saying they are the original one or the best indeed..

So in fact this one is kind of a mix of several of them and everyone enjoyed the result!! Originally this is a Russian dish which has been revisited by French cuisine and as I discovered this dish in some anime here there is even a touch of japanese influence with the way to have spinach in it!! So here is a version with buckwheat and rice, some hard eggs, mushrooms and spinach crepes as in many recipes I found there was at least one of the other ingredients missing!! I admit finally there was enough to eat for 8 people so if you are less to eat then just divide proportions..

Step 1: Koulibiac Salmon

- buckwheat/kacha (90g)

- basmati rice (120g)

- eggs (4)

- mushrooms (150g)

- onion (1) - shallot (1)

- lemon (zest + juice)

- coriander seeds (1 coffee spoon)

- cumin seeds (1 coffee spoon)

- cinenamon stick (1) - cardamom (4)

- laurel leaves (2) - star anise (2)

- salmon (800g wih skin so 730g without)

- spinard crepes (4)

- dill (half a bunch.. depending the size of it..^^)

- fish stok (I didn't have any so it was just instant herbs stock) (400ml used for cooking)

- puffed pastries (2)

- eggyolk and milk for glazing

The cooking First fry the salmon on both faces to give it some color then set it aside. In the same pan put then onions, shallot, mortared seeds, cardamon and star anise and stir often for 5 minutes then set it aside Now start cooking buckwheat without any fat to give it some color for a few minutes stirring from time to time. Then add rice, onions, the stock, cinnenamon stick and laurel leaves Bring it to boiling then lower to the maximum and leave it cook for 10 minutes so stock will be absorbed Then take it out from fire add lemon juice and zest, mix everything then cover it and leave it to cool down.. During that time you can boil eggs (for 9minutes) and start frying mushrooms with butter and a bit of oil. When rice/buckwheat are cold chop thinly dill and mix it with rice

Step 2: Assembly

The mounting Spread the pastry and mark the paste about where the salmon will stand in the midle to have some idea about where to set everything: the goal is to be able to close the 2 pastes together and they need something like 1 or 2 cm wide to stick put 2 crepes aside (topling side up) in the midle of the paste. Spread about half of the mix rice/buckwheat on it so salmon will rest on it Put the salmon on the rice/buckwheat layer, put another layer of rice/buckwheat, then mushrooms then crushed hard eggs Cover with crepes trying to press everything and try to close it with overlapping crepes..cover with the second paste and seal the edges. Glaze with a brush and put to the oven set a 190°C/375°F for 35minutes and finally it is ready!!

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