Introduction: Kung Fu T-Shirt Mod

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 After watching "Kung Fu Hustle", I got the idea, "Hey why don't I make a Kung Fu shirt like those poor kids playing soccer? This shirt mod a sleeveless shirt knot buttons(I op'd out of the chinese collar for the slim chance I wear it as an undershirt). I'm pretty horrible with a sewing machine, so please be gentle with your comments :).

-2 T-Shirts
-Sewing Machine
-Scissors, Ruler, Pins(optional)

Cost:      High: $10 USD
               Low:  $0 

Time:     High: 5 Hours?
               Low:  2 Hours?

Step 1: Prep Shirt

Photo 1: Fold shirt in half to find the middle

Photo 2: Cut

Photo 3: Cut sleeves, not too much because you need to hem it

Step 2: Hem Sleeves

 Photo 1: I hemmed it too soon! Since I hemmed it right where I wanted the sleeve to end, I couldn't    double-hem? it. My mom said to do that so it wouldn't ravel. Everything else is double                              hemmed except the sleeves. Cut off excess.

Step 3: Hem Collar

 Photo 1 & 2: I'm sure theres a better way to do this, but I just folded the collar down and sew. I felt        that if I folded it down more, it would ride low on my neck.

Step 4: Hem Waist

 Photo 1: I hemmed the waist because it was too long. Hem, cut excess.

Step 5: Hem Front Sides(what Are These Called? Where Zippers Go) Add Piece of Cloth

 Photo 1: Hem left side, then hem it again

-Hem right side once.

Photo 2: Fold a strip of cloth, sew shut on both sides, flip inside out(this will cover up your skin             behind the buttons

Photo 3: Sew this piece onto the right side, you'll be hemming the right side for the second time while adding this piece. The piece should be long enough to cover where the buttons will be. 

Step 6: Adding the Buttons

Photo 1: Making the strips to make the knots. I sew another line down the strip to make it more                       sturdy when tying the knot.

Photo 2: Knot finished. Follow these instructions:                                                                                       Make as many buttons that you need. Be careful when tightening the buttons, if you are                     using tshirt material, it will tear if you pull to hard, be very gentle.

Photo 3: Measure out the spots for the buttons

Photo 4 & 5: Buttons sewn on.

Step 7: Add Loops

Photo 1: Line up where the loops go.

Photo 2: Looks added. I used the excess material from the knots for this, luckily they were long           enough to all be even.

Step 8: Finished!

 Now rock it with a t-shirt or bare-chested.

RIP Mom's sewing machine...