Introduction: Kuru Toga Twist Erase Mod

For this modification you will need the following pencils (other versions may work, but I have not confirmed):

You will also need the following tools:

  • Utility knife (or other means of cleanly cutting plastic)
  • Sand paper
  • Needle nose pliers (not necessary, but makes disassembly of the Kuru Toga easier)
  • Hammer (not necessary, but makes tapping in one of the pieces easier)

Step 1: Disassemble the Kuru Toga Advance

Just do a search for disassemble Kuru Toga, but this video pretty much sums it up:

One item that does make the disassembly a little easier is to bend up the metal clip and pull the top off with a needle nose pliers. Once the top has been pulled off, it is easier to pop the inside pieces out.

Step 2: Prepare Kuru Toga Parts

There are several pieces that need to be cut to size labeled in the picture you want to cut:

  1. Cut the top piece right on the edge of the square part that holds the clip. You can discard the part with the bent clip.
  2. Remove the eraser from the inner black piece (may be a different color in other versions).
    • From the top of this measure down 29mm and cut off the top part.
    • Also cut off the very bottom tip at the edge (making sure to keep the lip)
  3. The clear lead tube needs to be cut to 66mm (be careful not to bend it)
  4. The main body needs to be cut to 73mm from the bottom (in my picture the bottom of the base is clear

You can lightly sand some of these parts to smooth them out as needed.

Step 3: Prepare Twist Erase Parts

Pull apart the Twist Erase pencil, and modify the following parts:

  1. Cut off the inner white piece at the bottom of the eraser top piece so that only 3mm is sticking out.
  2. Cut out 13mm of the twist erase lead holder.
  3. Cut off 12mm from the top of the bottom half of the pencil.

An unecessary step, but one that provides a nice little tool for pressing things together later. You can remove the tip of the bottom half, remove the grip, and then cut off the tip with the needle nose pliers. This results in a hollow tube (seen in the second picture).

Step 4: Assemble the Modified Kuru Toga Parts

Ensuring you keep all the pieces facing the same direction they were originally installed, assemble everything. In order:

  1. Insert the inner mechanical pencil pieces from the Kuru Toga into the body (make sure it is firmly clicked into place and not lose)
  2. Add the clear lead holder tube and press firmly into place
  3. Add the spring a and make sure it is centered
  4. Add the little nub that was cut off of the inner plunger (narrow end facing the spring, and make sure it seats on the spring evenly.
  5. Slide the top black piece over the Kuru Toga eraser holder top and then push it into the body.

It is a little tricky to press in the top black piece. My method was to push with my fingers until it was held in place. Then using the hollow tube from the twist erase and a hammer, you can tap it until it is flush.

Once all the Kuru Toga parts are pressed in place, press down on the plunger to make sure everything is seated full (when tapping the top piece in, the bottom might pop out slightly).

The second photo shows everything pressed into place. At this point, you can add the tip back and insert a piece of lead to test and make sure everything is working.

Step 5: Assemble the Rest

The last step is to slip the nub cut off from the body of the Twist Erase over the top of the plunger, then slide the twist erase top on to everything.

At this point, I added some electrical tape to hold the Twist Erase body to the top of the modified Kuru Toga.

Now you have a Kuru Toga with auto rotating lead and a large twistable eraser! I hope you enjoyed my first Instructible!