LA4440 IC Audio Amplifier

Introduction: LA4440 IC Audio Amplifier

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Hii friend,

Today I am going to make an audio amplifier using LA4440 IC.This amplifier circuit is very simple and we require only one component.

Let's get started,

Step 1: Take All Materials As Shown Below -

Materials required -

(1.) IC - LA4440 x1

(2.) aux cable x1

(3.) Speaker - 20W x1

(4.) Adapter - 12V

(5.) Jumper wire

(6.) Capacitor - 25V 100uf x1

Step 2: LA4440 IC

This is an amplifier IC.This IC contain 14 pins.

We can count its pins from front side as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Connect Capacitor

Firstly we have to connect a capacitor.

Solder +ve pin of capacitor to the pin-1 of IC as solder in the picture.

Step 4: Next Connect Jumper Wire

Next we have to connect jumper wire.

Solder jumper wire to pin-2, pin-3, pin-8 and pin-14 of the IC as solder in the picture.

GND pin - pin-2, pin-3, pin-8 and pin-14.

Step 5: Connect Aux Cable Wire

Now connect aux cable wire to the circuit.

Connect Left/Right wire of aux cable to the -ve pin of capacitor and

Connect -ve wire of aux cable to the GND wire of IC which is pin-2, pin-3, pin-8 and pin-14 as you can see in the picture.

Step 6: Connect Speaker

Now we have to connect speaker wire to the circuit,

Solder +ve wire of speaker to pin-10 and

-ve wire of speker to pin-12 of IC.

Step 7: Now Connect Power Supply Wire

Now we have to connect power supply wire to the circuit.

NOTE : Give 12V 1-3A DC power supply to the circuit.

# Connect +ve wire of power supply to pin-11 of IC and

# -ve wire of power supply to GND wire as solder in the picture.


Give power supply to the circuit and plug aux cable to mobile phone/laptop/tab......

Enjoy the music

If you want to make more electronic projects then follow utsource now.

Thank you

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