Introduction: LCD 2*8 Way to 1*16 Connector

I have started to use an I2C backpack to drive LCD displays in the Arduino projects I build, cutting down the connections to 4 wires means I make less mistakes.

However the backpack I have only caters for LCD's with a 1*16 connector and I have one with a 2*8 way connector so I thought I would build a small converter board to solve this.

Step 1:


1 of Custom PCB

1 of 2*8 way 0.1 inch connector

1 of 1*16 way 0.1 inch connector

Step 2:

I designed the PCB using Eagle (7.5.0) and had them made by OSH park.

Step 3:

Construction is just a case of soldering the 2 connectors in place.

My preferred method is to hold the connector in place with blue tack, solder a pin at each end of the connector, check everything is square (if not melt the solder and adjust) then solder the rest of the pins.

Step 4:

The completed connector.

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