Introduction: LED CLOCK Cum NIGHT LAMP

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When I wake up in the middle of the night and want to know the time, I have to turn on my mobile to see the time. Now with this LED Clock cum Night Lamp I can just read the time off the wall. This clock is a piece of Art in LED designing, and it puts an Artistic touch to my bedroom. It is very simple to make and is cheap, but looks very expensive, like a piece of a big CUT DIAMOND. Watching it live is mind blowing.

People say necessity is the mother of Invention, so this idea came out of necessity.

I never thought placing LED along a flat surface could create such beautiful designs, and as the LED’s are not facing towards you but is laying on the surface, you do not get the light in your eyes. Experimenting with color LED you can create real work of Art.

Step 1: Items You Will Need

Items you will need for this project.

1.                  Hardboard 12”x12” one piece.

2.                  Wooden batten 12”x ½”x ½”. 4 pieces.

3.                  Some small Nails.

4.                  PVC stickers white 12”x12” One piece.

5.                  12 white LED’s 5mm.

6.                  Capacitor .22uf / 400 volts. One piece.

7.                  Resistor 1K/ ½ watt. One piece.

8.                  Diodes IN 4007 Two pieces.

9.                  Quarts Clock mechanism. One piece.

10.               Wires, solder, nails, etc.

Step 2: Make a Squire Frame

In this step you make a squire frame with the wooden batten and fix the hardboard on to it with nails.

Then draw the figure of the Clock on it.

PIERCE the places for the LED’s legs with a thin needle.

The needle holes marks the right place for the LED’s.

Drill a center hole for the clock mechanism.

Cover the Hardboard with the PVC Sticker evenly.

Decorate the FACE of the clock with other colored PVC tape.

Step 3: Make the Clock Face

In this step fix the LED’s to the Clock Face taking care to bend the legs of the LED’s near the neck at an angle of 90 degree so that it should lie parallel to the hardboard.

Also see that all the POSITIVE legs of the LED’s should be facing to one side.

The LED’s should lie flat on the hard board, making the light travel along the hardboard.

The design of light is created, when the LED’s are parallel to the hardboard.

Now the LED’s are fixed, so start to wire the circuit.

Step 4: The Cicuit

This LED CLOCK cum LIGHT LAMP runs on 220 volt AC.

If you want the circuit to run on 110 volts AC, then only change the CAPACITOR to 0.47uf / 250 volts.

Look at the CIRCUIT diagram carefully and always maintain POLARITY.

2 Set of 6 LED’s are connected in series.

2 Diodes are used to control the back voltage if any for safe operation.

After you have connected all the LED’s, Capacitor, Resister and Diodes etc; your circuit is ready.

Step 5: Electronic Circuit Is Complete

Now when the assembly of the electronic circuit is complete it is time to fix the Clock Mechanism.

The Clock Mechanisms are available in the market at a very cheap price with warrantee.

Push the center pipe of the clock mechanism through the hardboard and screw in the lock ring. Align the Clock Mechanisms at 90 degree to the hardboard base.

Fix the pointers Big and Small and the second arm to the Clock Mechanisms.

Put the 1.5volt battery for the clock mechanism in place, and adjust the time.

Your LED CLOCK cum LIGHT LAMP is ready to be plugged in, to be used as a Night Lamp.


You need not plug it in during the day but plug in only at night.



Step 6: Options..

Here I have shown how I have manipulated a company made wall clock, took it apart and fixed LED's to suit my requirement.
You can do it with a wall clock having a small gap between the face of the clock and the glass.
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