Introduction: LED CUBE 3x3x3

hello guys this is a LED cube matrix of size 3x3x3 which contains 27 eld in total,,,designing such things which is entirely hardwired based you need to check for the amount of +VCc supply be needed by you so that i have used arduno uno (it has 12 vcc pins) as it matchec perfectly for my requiremnent

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wire cutter

soldering ion

soldering wire

pcb holding hand

27 led

arduino uno

data cable

bc547 common transistors

jumper wires single core


first of all i would suggest you to draw the 3d dot daigram considering them a led for your own better understanding of rows and collumns of led do you dont miss out nayterminal later on it will be hard to solder in between the core part of led matrix once its done

then solder your led to the standing position in yur pcb with 3 cross 3 grid making 9 led on grid


there will be such 3 layers in total

as per the daigram


now as mentioned do the soldering and connection of the led cube and

do rember there are three layers of led and as per that the ground of every led is the connected in short circuit manner

in single layer

remember that the ground of the ;layer 1 and layer two is not to be connected

and as you can imagine by now that there will be 9 standing columns

so the positve leg of every led standing in same row is to be short circuited

i have told to separate the layer 1 and layer 2 ground because that will be connected with th three enabling transistors

if i want to blink a led single led then all i ahve to do is provode the vcc to that whole standing row and then select that particular layer with applying vcc in the base terminal of that transistor.

Step 4: THE CODE

here is the code file

you will extract a library file and example file for the led cube just open it by arduino.ide of .ino extension