Introduction: Tempreture | Humidity | Node Mcu | DHT11

hello guys today in this tutorial we are going to interface the dht11 tempreture and humidity sensor with nonde mcu and get the readings

if you guys havent had the NODE MCU setup done into yur arduino software then here is the link you must follow for setting up your node mcu first

Step 1: Components Required

NOde mcu


jumper wires

bread board

Step 2: Installing Library

you got to install the ibary first if its not there

you can simply google search it out

"arduino llibrary for dht11"

Step 3: Connections

Step 4: C O D E

downlaod this code and then opne this in to your software and upload it and

dont forget to change the baud rate to 115200 from 9600

Step 5: O U T P U T

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