Introduction: LED Cyclops, Guardian of the Galaxy, DODOcase VR Viewer

The DODOcase VR viewer V1.1 is an inexpensive kit based on the Google Cardboard project. This viewer works with many cellphones and provides a neat Virtual Reality experience, many VR applications are available.

I recently saw Guardians of the Galaxy and thought, it would be cool if the DODOcase VR Viewer looked more like the Star Lord Helmet from the movie. I happened to only have large reflectors, so my project turned into more of an LED Cyclops modification, but perhaps this instructable will inspire someone else to build a DodoCase Star Lord Mask

Parts and Supplies Needed

  • Cardboard - I used the box the DODOcase VR came in
  • Reflector lens (just the cover of the reflector)
  • LED light
  • Resistor - 330 Ohm
  • Wire
  • Electrical Tape
  • 9V battery holder and Battery
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Knife
  • Solder and Soldering iron

First Build the VR Viewer.

There are instructions in the kit and even Instructables that explain how to build the VR, but here's a short video showing me assembling one. Should give you all the clues you need to build yours

Step 1: ​Next Build the LED Cyclops Mod Attachment

Next Build the LED Light attachment

  • Cut two rectangles of cardboard the shape of the front of the DodoCase VR (If you want to use the Camera, and some VR apps do, leave a hole in both new layers)
  • The top layer holds the reflector lens in place
  • The next layer down holds the LED light and has wires taped to it.
  • Here's an instructable that can help you determine which if any resistor you need.
  • Solder the resistor to the 9V adapter and then to the LED
  • Attach the 9V battery to the inside of the viewer as shown
  • Run the wires into the original VR Viewer camera hole and attach it to the 9V battery
  • To get the full cyclops effect, maybe I should add a headband strap

Thanks for checking out my Instructable
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