Introduction: LED Dog Collar

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I decided to show to you in this "instructable", how to make a LED pets Collar.

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I saw several ideas already below but no projects totally DIY.

I use several electronic components that should have ended up in the trash.

I use no chemical, the most interesting is to see that the refraction of water can be really intersting in many projects.

Yes I use water;)

You will need For a collar of about 60 cm :

  • 6 blue led
  • Clear PVC pipe outside 6mm and inside 4mm (60cm)
  • Transformer coil
  • Clear PVC pipe outside 10mm and 8mm inside (60cm)
  • Clear PVC pipe outside 14mm and 10mm inside (5cm)
  • Clear PVC pipe outside 15mm and 13mm inside (5cm)
  • 4 neodymium magnets 6mm in diameter and 10 mm long
  • 3 battery LR444

Tools for manufacturing :

  • glue gun
  • Cutting pliers
  • soldering iron
  • cutter
  • A multimeter (but not obligation)

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Step 1: To Get and Weld the Leds

We will first retrieve 5mm LEDs on an electronic card or can buy them.

I recovered 6 blue led. We will solder the led between it.

Positive on the positive and the ground on the ground.

We obtain 2 pairs of led and 2 led without seam.

You can increase the number of pairs for a longer Collar.

Step 2: Use PVC Pipe

I use a transparent PVC pipe of 6 mm outside and 4 mm inside

Cut ends of maximum 18cm otherwise the diffusion of light will not be good.

For a Collar of about 60 cm I use 3 pieces of 18cm

Step 3: Make Luminous Tube

Fill a glass of water yes yes a glass of water, it is not for drinking.
Plunge two tubes one by one and connect the leds a pair and a single without leaving any air.

Use a pair of pliers to push them in. (See photo or video)

It only remains to connect the last tube with the other two. (See photo or video)

Step 4: Welding Wires

We will now use the wire of a transformer coil.

Burn the beginning of the thread to make the weld because there is varnish on it.

Now weld all + and all - of the leds together.

Attention the wires must follow the pipe (See photo or video).

You can check with a multimeter on the continuity position that the soldering is successful

Step 5: Neodymium Magnets

We will now use 4 neodymium magnets 6mm in diameter and 10 mm long.

Solder a small piece of transformer wires onto two of the magnets. (See photo or video)

Solder the wire of magnet one on the + one side of the collar and 1 on the - on the other side.

I use 3 LR44 battery, the metal batterie glue well on the magnet.

You can test.

Step 6: Glue Gun

The junctions will be reinforced with the hot glue.

You need to get your fingers wet to form glue.

Step 7: Hose Reinforcement

We will then use a pipe of the larger size.

It is 10 mm outdoors and 8 mm indoors.

Put a little oil to facilitate the passage of the pipe.

We pass the first pipe in the second which will protect it

Add the second magnet and secure it with glue gun.

Step 8: Battery Housing

We will make the housing for the batteries.

Use a pipe of 14mm outside and 10mm inside

Then a second pipe of 15mm outdoors and 13mm inside

Put the batteries in the biggest hose and with the other hose cut two smaller tip, which will serve as holding and junction with the collar. (See photo or video)

It only remains to make the connection.

Step 9: Have Fun

Thanks to the long pose of my camera I got some nice pictures.

You can see all the steps of the construction in the video here :

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and this hack.

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