Introduction: Soap Experiments - Float Soap

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Today I decided to show you two impressive experience with soap.

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For this first experiment:
I will explain how to make float a perfectly standard soap.

Yes the one you find on the edge of your sink.

When one plunges a soap it into the water one notices that it flows.

It therefore has a density greater than 1.


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Step 1: Float a Soap

How to make a float soap ?

Making a float soap is very simple.

To make a floating soap, we will use a microwave.

Place the soap on a plate for about 10 seconds at maximum power.

Then turn it over and repeat the operation.

It became completely soft.

We can therefore make him change his form.

But this is not the purpose of this instructables.

We'll just wait for it to cool down.

If you plunge it into the water.

It's magic, it floats.

Step 2: Why Soap Floats

If one verifies its weight it is strictly the same after the passage to the micro wave that before.

The explanation of this reaction :

This is the result of Charles's law.

It stipulates that, at constant pressure,

the volume occupied by a certain quantity of gas is directly proportional to its temperature.

The air bubbles contained in the soap have swollen due to heat,

And when it has cooled the bubbles are staying imprisoned.

It weighs the same weight but occupies a larger volume.

It has become less dense than the volume of water it moves.

It is for this reason that it floats.

Step 3: Ivory Soap

The second experience that I find much more impressive.

And made with a soap which is less dense than water without passing through the microwave.

In short, it weighs less than the same volume of water.

It is an American brand "Ivory".

By cutting a small cube of soap we will repeat the flotation test.

We realize that this soap floats because during its manufacture they added air.

Step 4: Ivory Soap in Microwave

With another small cube IVORY soap placed in the microwave.

That's what happens.

It is very visible because the objective of the camera is in the micro wave.

The reaction is identical to the present, except that the amount of bubble is enormously greater : in this soap.

It so makes the experience much more impressive.

For information :
The first floating soaps were discovered accidentally in 1890. An employee of a soap factory forgot to stop the machine during dinner time. On his return, the soap no longer had the same properties as before.

It contained a large amount of small bubble and so it floated.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and this hack.

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