Introduction: Easter Egg LED Lamp

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I had two fluorescent lights blow out this week, so I took them apart ....of course!

So I put LED Tea Lights in Tea and Sake cups that my wife Laurie had thrown, and faster than a Bunny; Egg Lamps!
Happy Easter!

Step 1: Removing the Bulb

Wearing gloves I removed the first Bulb, it came off really easy as if the glue had melted!

Step 2: Second Bulb

The second bulb took more .... ah.... "help".
I was a little harder but gave under firm pulling.

Step 3: Bulb Removed

Not bad, though the second one had a sharp edge were it broke a small peice off.
This i filed with a diamond file.

Step 4: Led Lights Added

I have both tea lights and flickering tea lights and found a tea cup that fit the Bulb.

Step 5: $1.99 Xmas String.

I also had this nice cheap sting of AA powered blinky Xmas lights that gave a neat effect.

Step 6: It All Comes Together....

Now with the bulbs fitted to the cups and the lights installed time to test.

Step 7: Thats It!

Very pleasing and simple!
"Parts is Parts", as I like to say.
Save your old stuff and Make someting new out of it!
Happy Easter!
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