Introduction: LED Halloween Lights

Here is how to make decorative LED Halloween pumpkin lights using LED's, ping pong balls, and some wire.  

Step 1: Parts N Tools

You will need:

-5 feet of stranded wire (two wires twisted together)
-10x orange 5mm LEDs
-Toggle switch
-3 volt battery pack
-2x AA batteries*
-Coin cell for testing
-Hot glue gun
-Soldering iron
-10x ping pong balls
-Hand drill
*Be careful that the AA batteries do not exceed 2.5 amps.  This could cause the LEDs to burn out.  Test the batteries with the multimeter beforehand.  Test the string after ever  each LED is soldered with a coin cell. 

Step 2: Start Soldering

Cut 5 1/2' of wire (the extra 6" is for the switch).  Carefully strip about a 1/4 inch every 6".  Wrap the LED's' leads around the bare as shown.  Clip off the excess wire.  Test with a coin cell after each LED is soldered to make sure the polarity is correct .  Its a good to have two different colors of wire, but in my case the wire after stripping it was two different conductors.

Step 3: Prep the Ping Pong Balls

Slowly drill 3/16" holes through the writing for the LED's.  Stick one all the way in and hold it in with hot glue.  Shake out all the extra bits of plastic through the hole before putting the LED in.  Draw a pumpkin face on both sides of the ping pong ball with a sharpie.  Put tape on te exposed leads.

Step 4: Schematic

All LED's are wired in parallel

Step 5: Hang It Somewhere

The last step would be to hang this somewhere.  It could be over a window or door, or even on an umbrella or haunted house.

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