Introduction: LED Ice Cream

I was thinking about making my own unique ice creams, but it's not easy to come up with new good recipe. Fortunately I am a geek so I come up with the idea of LED Ice Creams. All ice creams are good especially at summer time but let's make is tasty and cool too :)


- Plastic pipette 3ml

- Insulation tape

- CR2032 3V battery

- CR2032 battery holder

- Mini on/off switch

- Blinking 5mm LED (you can buy LED that change colors without external circuit)

- Wire

- 50mm glass

- Fresh lemon

- Raspberry syrup

- Mineral water

- Small piece of paper (card or cardboard ideally)


- Solder and soldering iron

- Wire cutters

- Scissors

Step 1: Ice Cream Recipe

I made small ice cream using 50ml shot glass but there is no reason to keep it small, all you have to do just use larger glass and mix more juice :)

For 50ml glass use:

- half of fresh lemon and squeeze about 10ml of juice

- add 20ml of raspberry syrup

- add 20ml of mineral water

Mix everything together.

Step 2: Making Ice Cream Stick

Now we have to prepare stick to hold our ice creams. For that you have to cut small disc out of paper card slightly larger than diameter of your glass. Then make a small hole in the middle and put plastic pipette inside. This is simply to hold the pipette in the center of the glass while it's still in liquid form.

Place the pipette inside the glass and secure it with insulating tape. You need to do that because of buoyancy :)

Once you finish, put your ice cream into a freezer for couple of hours.

Step 3: Soldering LED

Now we have to solder LED, battery holder and mini switch together.

Solder wire from positive LED leg to the mini switch and then another short wire from mini switch to positive leg of battery holder.

Solder wire from negative LED leg directly to negative leg of battery holder (see pictures above).

Test your circuit by placing CR2032 battery inside the holder and switch it on.

Note: Make sure the total length of your circuit is no longer than the pipette you use. It will make assembly easier.

Step 4: Ice Cream Assembly :)

Now it's time to remove our ice creams from the freezer and put our circuit inside the pipette.

First cut the end of pipette with wire cutters so you can put 5mm LED inside (see above picture). Insert the LED inside and then tape the battery holder to the end of pipette, so the circuit won't slide out.

Next remove the tape and disc around rim of the glass and remove the ice cream form the glass.

Step 5: Degustation

All we have to do now is switch our LED on and enjoy our ice cream in cool geeky style :)

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