Introduction: LED Light Mashrooms

This LED Light Mushroom is a really easy and fun project. I actually was inspired by a project called "LED light tubes" you an find it at

Hope you like this project and have fun.

Step 1:

Take a Colgate tube, or any toothpaste would work if it has no color.

Step 2:

Take out some paste in a plate. The amount depends on how much color do you want to make.

Step 3:

Then take any sort of color it can be acrylic also but don't use watercolor the point is to use a thick color i used Poster color. i took Ultramarine (blue). take a small amount of it with a brush and put it on the paste put it on the side.(use more amount if you want to make it darker)

Step 4:

Use the back of the brush to mix until all the colors is evenly distributed.

Step 5:

Glitter Time

this part is optional but i used glitter(don't put all the colors at once it will become a total mess)(just look at the pictures)

Step 6:

Take a big size bottle an cut it with a cutter in the shape of a lamp.(or any shape would work)

Step 7:

Paint the inside of the mushroom not the top because when ever your gonna hold it all the color will be on your fingers. Don't make a thick layer we want to let the light out to give the effect.

Step 8:

After half an hour put an LED light turn it on at the night and put it on the garden grass if you want to make it permanent put in a real Bulb and glow whenever you want to.

The reason for me to use toothpaste and not actual paint was that a real paint will be thick won't give the effects but the toothpaste will be lighter and brighter.

you can also put the the toothpaste in a pattern but i went random.

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