Introduction: Updated Popcorn Shoes to Walk With Style

This is an instructable on how to update your old boring flat shoes. I got this ideas when i was watching a movie and eating popcorn. I love popcorn. So, i decided to make popcorn shoes. It is a really unique idea.

Please be sure not to get paint on your face cause it can be dangerous if it gets in your mouth. If you get paint on your face Please go wipe it off carefully. We want this to be a fun experience!

Enjoy this instructable!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this instructable you will need the following :

- Leather flat shoes

(flat shoes because this idea looks good on flat shoes not heels)

_ Acrylic paint

(for painting your shoes)

_ Newspaper

(to protect your working surface)

_ Foam or paint Brushes

(to paint your shoes)

_ Washi tape

(to protect the soles of the shoes)

_ Modge podge

(to seal the paint after drying)

_ Sharpie

(to draw the pattern)

Step 2: Tap,Tap,Tap.....

Place newspaper down on your work surface.we don't want the paint to ruin your table.

If your shoes have a Bow or something on just cut it out. Protect the soles of the shoes with washi tape as shown in the first picture. Then squeeze your acrylic paint (i used vermilion because it has a l) on the newspaper or use a paper plate (i used the newspaper).

Take foam/brush and dip it in the paint then start taping all over the shoes except the last part because i decided to paint the last part with Crimson.

Step 3:

Also you may have noticed that in the picture i haven't painted the top part, why? Because that part needed real concentration So i used a small (no. 1) brush. Paint it carefully and try as hard as possible not to get paint on the fabric lining.

After painting let it dry.Mine took about half hour.

Step 4: Add Gold

Use a Gold Metallic Marker to cover the back side of the shoes.

Let it dry for 10 seconds.

Step 5: Draw the Label

Using a sharpie draw a label for your shoes.

Step 6: Paint the Label

Paint the label as shown. Use a thin brush. After the labels for both oft the shoes are painted let it dry for 15 minutes.

Step 7: Stuff the Shoes

Stuff your shoes with newspaper. So it will be easier to paint.

And paint .

Step 8: Draw Popcorns

To draw the popcorns just draw some flower with 6 or 7 petals.Don't make them look exactly like flowers!. Its just an example. After drawing let them dry.

Step 9: Paint the Popcorns

All the popcorns are dry now its time to add texture with some paint(i mixed Lemon yellow with Titanium white to get the right color).but you can also use normal yellow just use more water.

Step 10: Show Off........... With Style

But before showing off let the color dry and use gold marker to paint the fabric lining on the top. To seal it, use modge podge to do the job. After its been dried.

Go ROCK your new Updated Popcorn Shoes. They are rad!

I want to win this challenge because my mothers birthday is coming up and i want to give her an iPad.

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