Introduction: LED-Lighted Picture Frame

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I had the Idea to illuminate a picture frame, because I had a LED-Bar and a fitting power supply left.
The picture is an IKEA picture called ''ERIKSLUND'' in a black frame.

This picture was good for this project because it had some free space inside between the backside and the frontside of the glass.

Step 1: All What You Need

Not pictured:
Shrinking hose in different sizes, double side adhesive tape, hot melt gun and a few screws.

Step 2: Remove the Backside

The backside is fixed by a few stapels. When you remove it first with the screwdriver, they can breake in the middle, and then it is difficult to remove, so be careful!

Step 3: Make Holes for the Switch and the Power-Cable

Make two holes in the frame for the switch and the power-Cable.
The Hole for the Switch can be may at a lower Edge in the Side.
A Good Place for the Hole for the Power Cable is at the Downside in the Near of The Switch-Hole.

Step 4: Solder a Piece of Wire to the LED-Bar

There are 2 Wires on the LED-Bar, dismantle the first milimetres of the Wires. Then dismantle the First milimetres of the 2 Pole wire Too.
Make 2 Pieces of the Shrinking Hose that are approximatly 3cm Long and Put it over the Wires. Then you can Solder the Wires from the LED-Bar each with one Wire from the 2 Wire-Cable. Then Put the Shrinking Hose Pieces over the Soldered Area and Shrink it with the Flame of a Lighter.

Step 5: Attach the LED-Bar in the Frame

Extra Strong Dual Side Adhesive Foam Tape is the Best and easiest Way to attache.
Cut 3 or 4 Pieces from the Tape Roll and attach the Bar with this into the Frame at the Top-Side.

Step 6: Attach the Cable

Look how long the 2 Pole Cable must be to lay the Cable to the Switch, make Points of Hot Glue and Press the Cable in the Glue.

Step 7: Attach and Connect the Switch

This step isn't Complicated. One Pole of the LED-Bar can be Connect Direcly to one Pole of the Power Supply. Like Step 4, Dismantle, Solder and Isolate with Shrinking Hose.
Solder the Second Pole of the LED-Bar to the middle Brad of the Switch and Isolate it with Shrinking Hose in a Bigger Size, the Second Pole of the Power Supply you can Solder to One of the Other 2 Brads of the Switch, Doesn't Matter, Isolate this Brad too and Attach the Switch with Hot-Glue.

Step 8: Light Test

This is a Simple Project, so you almost cannot Fail.
P.S. This is an IKEA Light Bar called ''DIODER'' But i Buyed a Single Bar.

Step 9: Reattach the Backside

You can't Use the Staples a second Time, so use little Screws to Reattach it.
I used Cross-Drive Screws that are 20mm Long and had a Diameter of 2,5mm.

Step 10: Finish!

Now the Project is Finished, And Looks Very Very Great at Night.
The Power Supply is Always Powered, Because in Standby the Power Supply consumed only 20mA