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A long time I wasn't happy with the power consuption from the edison bulbs. Not just that, I wasn't happy with the lighting either. I decided to change that in proper way since the led lights and bulbs came out. I had an idea and I used it. This is how I imagine it in my head and this is how it should be. It should be bright enough to see dust at night if I want to :) I decided to renovate an old attic of my house. Hopefully came out better than I expected. In the few next steps I am going to show you how I planned and solved my problems with lighting.

Enjoy! ;)

Step 1: Tools for Start...and Rough Start

Again I will repeat myself...It is an old attic. I wanted to make it look bigger, more space around everything and what is the most has to be bright enough. Not with the light comming from the sun threw windows, but from lights. And because of that I had to literary tear the place down to get an open space. Like all the place in attic is one room. First impression was fabolous.

  • 1.) Big hammer
  • 2.) Demolition hammer
  • 3.) Broom and dust pan
  • 4.) A bucket -5x

I am demolishing a wall between a living room, dining room and kitchen. Creating an open space allowed the natural light come in more perfect like before with walls. Hallway joined niceley with the space from all rooms together.

Step 2: Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen and Hallway

When the destruction of walls was finally finished I had to put isolation on the ceiling. Now the ceiling is ready to put the non-combustible pipes for electric instalation. While I was getting already finished I was preparing myself to putting the dry-walls to ceiling. Next day, when I was finished with all of that I drilled holes into ceiling for built in spot lights. Had to drilled 30 of them and two bigger on hallway. For drilling I used Crown fi 68mm (spot lights) and a small handsaw for lights on hallway (fi 19,5 cm). Than I separated the living room from dining room and kitchen with a small wall made from siporex stone 20cm wide. I integrated 3 switches in wall, witch are separating turning on and of the lights in dining room, computer place and living room. Than I used small handsaw to cut the drywall in kitchen to prepare 7 meters long aluminium for led stripe to cool itself (pics 8,9,10,11)

On the next step I will do pretty much the same thing in bedroom. I don't want to lose too much words on witch specific tools and materials I needed to paint the walls or cover the dry-wall junctions (the picture says enough). I Just want to show you how I was doing it and what I was doing it :D

Step 3: Bedroom Preparing

Like step before...I have a wooden ceiling and didn't want to tear it apart for no good reason. And because all the ceiling I have in this old attic isn't high enough i had to be very careful how much i gonna lowered it with dry-walls. I didn't lowered much and because of that I had to drill the holes with crone fi 68 to wooden ceiling to get space for the spot light bulbs. I have had a looot of problems in this room, because I wanted to use some old electric instalation for new one. It was quite a mess :)

Step 4: Conected and Tested

  • 1.) Tested only 4 meters of led stripe. I used led stripe IP 67, 300leds and 14,4W /m
  • 2.) Finally all of led stripe 7 meters is shining ;)
  • 3.) Spot lights in kitchen are 1.4W. Turned on with led stripe. And this is how it looks.
  • 4.) Lamps on hallway are from PHILIPS. In one lamp are two 14W/ 865 rapid start spare bulbs. Only thing in appartment what isn't led bulbs.
  • 5.) Living room is supeeerb :D Like it a lot, but there are more strong led spot light bulbs. I used 3x1 smd led and 3x2w above the couch. They all have 45 degree spot light. And they all are white 6500K.
  • 6.-7.) Bedroom tested lights. 15 Led bulbs, 3 of them are 3x2w above the wardrobe all the rest are 1,4w

I know that white light is not good for the eyes, but at least is shining like it should :)


This is it! Why I decided to have LED light? Simple....Because i don't have 100 watts of light in one place but 100 watts of light in all the place. It is quite difference between that.

For any questions I will be happy to answer it.

Greetings Dejan!

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