Introduction: LED Mask

If I learned one thing besides the feeling of your face chafing from long days of wearing a mask its the issue of miscommunication due to your mouth now always being muffled. I've created a simple solution for this issues that requires affordable barebone materials. The process isn't that difficult or lengthy so this would be a perfect project for a child who has taken interest in art/engineering. The idea itself is that you will use the LEDS to communicate by activating them when you want to communicate something. EX: 2 flashes mean yes 1 long flash means no.


- Mask, preferable a reusable one, however a cheap one works as well

- Scissors


-1 foot of conductive thread (stainless thin conductive yard), wires work as well but might be uncomfortable

- Electric tape

- 2 watch battery's (preferably 3 volts

- Ruler

- Needle

Step 1: Insert LEDS

Insert the LEDS in position desired preferably 3 inches apart from each other. When poking the LEDSs through the fabric make sure to apply enough pressure so it starts to penetrate the fabric. Once it does you will now need to bend the rods. Notice how each LED has a short end and a long end. The short is called the cathode and it accepts the negative charge. The longer side is the anode and accepts the positive charge. Remember electricity is just the flow of electrons. With that in mind make sure the anode is is bent towards the bottom of your mask and cathode bent up to your eyes. If your confused look at the drawing I provided.

Step 2: Now Sew on Conductive Material and Tape Batteries

We will now sew on the conductive material into the mask. We will be using a parallel circuit due to it having less resistance than a simple circuit. A parallel circuit has multiple pathways instead of only one. A picture is drawn above. So the first step is to tape 2 3volt batteries together in order to combined there voltage. Make sure that the opposite sides are touching when you tape them. As for the sewing follow the diagram above.

Step 3: Now Insert Your Battery and Start Taping

the battery should have its negative side facing way from your mouth and the positive side touching your mouth. The key here is to have enough conductive material that it sticks out. This is so that it deactivate the led when no pressure is being placed upon it. Now tape up any edges that you fear will fall apart. After that your finished!

Step 4: Your Finished With the Bare Basics

Now that you have a fully functioning LED mask its your choice to refine it by adding fabric on top of the tape or by by decorating it to you desire. To activate it pucker your lips so that the conductive thread touches the positive part of the battery completing the circuit. Warning while it may not shock you, the battery can start to warm up. I suggest addend tape or fabric onto of the threat to create a barrier.

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