Introduction: RGB LED Medallion

Material:: Epoxy copper pre-sensitized

for buddha LED 1206 (CMS) 1 x blue 1x white

for Elvis & Johnny RGB LED 3mm slow change color

Hot glue with gun

Saw and file

UV ink, positive developer, iron perchloride

Soldering iron & fine welding (0.5 to 1 mm)

1000 grit water sandpaper

3 Volt battery CR2032 & support

Drill & forests, cutter

Free drawing software GIMP:



Bomb varnish

Step 1: Line Art (black & White):

Launch GIMP and create a 2-color image as in this video:

If you have a laser , you can use the transfer method, which transfers the toner to a bare copper epoxy plate and avoids UV sunlight.

Otherwise, you need to print line-of-sight images (inverted image writing or image upside down for optimal sharpness at sunlight) on an inkjet transparency; Make the duplicate image on the transparency and superimpose the two so as to make one to have an opaque black at the insolation, to cut that of top 5mm wider for the bonding with tape when they are perfectly superimposed .

Step 2: ​insolation & Engraving :

As the transparency is printed upside down put the ink side in contact with the plate to be exposed and hold it in place with scotch making sure that it is flat. For UV exposure, try using 2'30 '' as the starting point.

Engraving: gloves and goggles and local mandatory airy For engraving there are several methods (see the videos on youtube) here are two: 1) iron perchloride 2) oxygenated water 130 ° volume with hydrochloric acid and water 1/3 1/3 1/3

When the plate is engraved, cut it to your taste, clean it on both sides with acetone and polish it with 1000 grit paper (of patience). Shine with a product to make the copper shine. Clean it again with acetone and varnish the bomb by a horizontal and vertical fast and fast.

Note: Both resistors balance and limit the current in the LEDs to increase the life of the battery

Step 3: ​Solder LEDs and Assemble:

For better illumination of the LEDs, it is necessary to paint the interior in white Then do light rendering tests before fixing the LEDs with tape or glue. Assemble the two faces with a space of approximately 7 to 8 mm with hot glue.

And cut the excess all around with a cutter by shaving the front and back edges of the medal.

Step 4: Make Big One To

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