Introduction: LED Studio Light

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I made these simple LED studio lights in about 2 days and for less than $30.

Materials you will need

Harbor Freight Led Work Light

Used Tripod

Scarp steel

Truck Bed Coating

Jb weld

Step 1: Mark and Trim Your Steel

I started by removing the bracket that attaches the light to the stock floor stand (picture one). I traced out the shape of the back on the scrap steel and marked out where the the holes were with permanent marker (picture two).

Next I cut out the the bracket using a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade (picture three). Be very careful with the edges as they will be very sharp after cutting! After finishing off the edges with some course sand paper, I next drilled out the holes necessary for the stock hardware to fit though (picture four). Your specific hardware may be different depending on weather or not you decide to use the stock hard ware or use new bolts. I decided to use the stock hardware as I didn't really see any advantage in buying new hardware as the stock bolts, washers and nuts work perfectly fine.

Lastly, I drilled out a 1/4 inch diameter hole for the bolt of the tripod to go through and attach to the nut (picture five). One last tip be sure to use plenty of oil on the drill bit, if not the bit will dull and may brake.

Step 2: Attach Bolt and Paint

Next mix the jb weld or epoxy of your choice. The apply it to bracket, being careful not to get any on the threads on the inside of the nut.

After the epoxy has bet let to set, apply the truck bed coating or paint of your choice.

Step 3: Attach and Done

Lastly attach the custom bracket to the stock bracket using the old hardware (picture one). Then attach the assembly to the light, then attach every thing one to the tripod (picture two).

And thats it! For a short light test plus a video version of these instruction check out the video above.