Introduction: L.E.D Tester and Container Jar

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Hello!!! Today I will be showing you how to build the L.E.D Tester and Container Jar. I always lose my leds and mix my burnt ones with the good ones. To get rid of this problems and protect my leds from getting lost I built this project. Its stores the leds in the jar and you can test if they work on the lid. If you like it or find it useful please vote for me in the Mason Jar challenge, Make it glow contest, and the Protected contest.

Step 1: Gather the Materials!

To make this you will need:
1x Jar with a plastic lid
1x Drill and Drill Bits
1x Wire Stripper
Scotch Tape
Double sided tape
2 AA battery holder that is enclosed
2 double A batteries
Aluminum Foil
Electrical Tape

Step 2: Drill the Holes

In the inside of the lid we will be putting a battery to test out the leds.
First we will be drawing two small holes for the wires for positive and negative to go through and reach the top of the lid and we'll have another hole to get the led out of the container.

Step 3: Tape Everything Down.

First strip most of the wire on the outside as shown and hold it down with double sided tape and put tin foil on top. The tape the batteries down and the tin foil. Make sure positive and negative foil dont touch. Us electrical tape to make sure they dont. Put the leds inside and then screw the lid down. Draw a positive sign on the positive foil and a negative on the negative one

Step 4: Make the Outside (optional)

Put double sided on the outside of the jar as shown. Then place paper cut to the correct height around it. Draw as shown.

Step 5: You Did It!

Here is a video. Make sure to vote for me in the make it glow, protected, and mason jar conests.

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