Introduction: LED Valentine Card

About: Whittier Public Library

What you need:

1 card (3 color papers, 1 small paper)

1 battery

2 copper tape strips

1 paper battery holder

Scotch tape

Tissue paper

Heart cutouts

Red paper

Washi tape



Step 1: Choose a Design

We used the "Cricut Design Space" to find a valentine's card design that we liked. Follow the directions using the Cricut machine. If you do not have a Cricut you can just cut out the design using scissors and/or an Exacto knife.

Step 2: Create a Circut

Step 3: Make Sure LED Works

Stick the LED on the battery. The long leg of the LED is the “+” and the short leg is the “-.” If the LED does not illuminate, flip it over first to make sure you did not have the sides mixed up.

LED Diagram from:

Step 4: Tape the LED to the Copper Tape.​

Tape the LED to the Copper Tape.

Step 5: Put the Battery Into the Battery Holder

Make sure the positive side is up. If that doesn't work, flip it over. If that doesn't work, the battery is dead or there is not a connection being made with the LED.

Step 6: Finish Your Card

Glue everything together so that the circuit is hidden behind the top layer of construction paper.