Introduction: LED Water Level Indicator

The Water Level Indicator includes a mechanism which helps to detect and indicate the water level in an overhead tank or any other water container.

Nook khera Jattan:-

Name of Makers

1. Gurdeep Singh

2. Rohit Giri

3. Amninder Singh

Step 1: Need to Material

1. Buzzer

2. Battery and caliper

3. PCB Plate

4. Switch

5. Register- 4

6. LED- 4

7. Glue gun

8. Soldering Iron and Wire

9. Multiwire- 5

10. Screw and Screwdriver

Step 2: Connect the LED With Buzzer

1. Take four LED light and connect to its positive terminal register.

2. After this fix the Switch and Led light.

3. Soldering the negative layer of the LED.

4. Then connect the Buzzer. Buzzer Positive wire connect the Multi LED Positive terminal and Negative to Negative terminal.

Step 3: Connect the Layers

1. Take a PCB Plate and five pieces it. After this, paste the pieces of the PCB on the wood.

2. Take the 5 wires and then Connect PCB pieces.

3. first, four wires the connect to Led with a resistor.

4. Last wire connects to battery positive terminal and battery negative terminal connect the Switch.

Step 4: Adding Parts

1. Put 2 inch Stick on the Around Side of the wood.

2. Second, Pair all the Parts.

3. Then take the box like a Water tank and connect the wooden piece in that box.

  • This is ready to use the Water level indicator.
  • Video please Watch